Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are continually reminded of the grace of our Lord and how unworthy we are to serve Him and be called His children. He knows all our sins and failures, yet despite this He can be glorified through our lives.

The last few months have been busy but exciting for our family.  Mark and the boys completed the house for Pastor Oscar in the village of Canculuncos.  The church also celebrated their one year anniversary, and Mark was able to preach for this special service.  There were over 100 in attendance to hear a message from Colossians which explained who Christ is and why He died on the cross.

In February, we enjoyed a visit from a doctor friend and his family from Kentucky. They arrived with all seven of their children, to the delight of ours!  We were able to hold several clinics during the week, including one at Betania Clinic, a ministry of a church here in Siguatepeque, and at Emanuel Children’s Day Home for the children and their families, as well as the surrounding neighborhood.   We also returned to the village of Canculuncos for two days.  This was the first clinic to ever be held in this village.  They have to travel to the next town for medical care.  All the children were seen and given vitamins, as well as many adults.  The children from both families stayed busy during this week helping out at the clinics as well as working hard around MEDA.  It was a great time of work, ministry, and fellowship!

In the providence of the Lord, Mark was forced to preach his first sermon in Spanish.  It was not his plan, but He knew Mark was ready, and none of his trustworthy translators were available.  He mostly read the sermon, but it is a big step toward being able to preach completely in Spanish without a manuscript.  He should now have more opportunities to preach as well as he does not have to be dependent on a translator. The Lord is giving him many opportunities to put this into practice, as we have begun teaching a new children’s class at church on Wednesday nights.  We are teaching through the book Fundamentals of the Faith by John MacArthur.  Please continue to pray for Mark’s ability to proclaim the Word in Spanish.

In the near future, we have many opportunities to visit various villages.  Next weekend we will be traveling back to the village of  Las Lagunas, where Mark will preach for their weekly church service.  We were pleasantly surprised by a phone call Saturday afternoon from Pastor Nabeli who serves in Las Lagunas.   His wife had just given birth to their daughter two days ago here in Siguatepeque, and they had missed their bus.  We were able to give them a ride back home and enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship with this sweet couple and their new baby, Daniela.  Their village is only 15 miles away, but due to the poor mountainous road conditions, it is a one hour trip each way.  We are also excited about visiting many villages who currently have no church.  These village visits are always a highlight for our family!

As an update on the adoption process with Iris, we have met with a lawyer and are in the process of first becoming a foster family.  We have our first meeting with child welfare or IHNFA this coming weekend.  The lawyer expects the entire process to take at least a year.

We truly appreciate the support you have all shown for our family.  We know that many of you give sacrificially to make it possible for our family to be here serving Christ. You are a vital part of this ministry.  Please pray that our family will be faithful to our Lord and honor Him in all we do.