Much has happened in our home even since our last post. When we returned home from Cancaluncos Mark and the boys had the idea of building a pulpit for the church in Cancaluncos. If you recall from the pictures that we posted, their pulpit is made of cinder blocks. We still have a lot of wood left over from the crates we built to ship our things to Honduras. Mark and the boys cut the 2×4’s down to 2×2’s to make the frame, then covered it in plywood, and stained it. Our family will be returning to the village next Wednesday to deliver it to the church and meet with Pastor Oscar again.

On Wednesday Levi became our first son to receive a cast. He and one of his brothers were playing on the top bunk and he fell off and fractured his wrist. We are thankful to the Lord that more damage didn’t occur to his body. Please pray that his wrist will heal well and quickly.

Yesterday we had the privilege of having another missionary family in our home for dinner. Paul and Beth have been missionaries in Honduras for 45 years. It was a thrill for us to get to know them better and see how the Lord has used them over the years. Paul has literally been all over Honduras ministering in very remote villages. He is still very active in village missions and is currently working in three towns. Mark has the opportunity to go with Paul to one of the villages this Monday to help mark the foundation points for a new church they are building. If the Lord permits Mark will also have the opportunity in the coming weeks to go with him to weld trusses for a church roof in another village. Please pray for our family as we have these opportunities to minister to people in these villages. Please also pray that we will be able to learn much from these faithful servants of Christ.

Tomorrow we will have our final conference of the year at MEDA. We have over 100 people signed up to attend. Please pray for Carlos Montoya as he teaches, also pray that those who attend will be biblically instructed and encouraged. We look forward to seeing Pastor Nabeli and Oswaldo again from Las Lagunas. Oswaldo called Mark the other day and stated that they will be attending. It’s always a joy to see these brothers and spend time with them.

Thanks again for praying for our family and for your support. It is because of your faithfulness that we are able to minister here and be involved in different ways.