Pattersons Visiting Canculuncos


“The heart of a man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  Proverbs 16:9…so went our summer!  In July, the influenza (the swine variety) made a visit to the Patterson household.  Although most recovered quickly, Christy experienced complications.  After seeking treatment here, we felt it would be best to return to the States for further care, where she was diagnosed with asthma, post viral syndrome, and a high iron count.  We are happy to report she is doing well and almost completely recovered.

During our two-month stay in Florida, we were able to visit with friends and family, as well as take the boys on some outings, such as canoeing, and swimming.  We also had the opportunity to raise money for Emanuel Children’s Day Home by hosting a car wash and bake sale.

Although we enjoyed our time in Florida, by October, we were ready to return home.  Upon our arrival, we were surprised with a welcome party by our church family, complete with delicious Honduran food, hilarious games, and sweet words of encouragement.  What a blessing it was to be back among our precious friends.

We jumped right back into ministry, including several preaching opportunities for Mark.  He is continuing his study in II Peter at our church, and was able to preach at another church one Sunday night as well.  He has also begun a discipleship Bible study with a man, Michael, who recently began attending our church.

Emanuel Children’s Day Home has added a few new faces, and it is always a joy spending time with these precious children.  Christy was honored to serve as a madrina at the 6th grade graduation of one of the girls.  A madrina walks onto stage with the graduate as she receives her diploma.  Sixth grade graduation is a very important occasion in Honduras, as many children are unable to receive a higher education.  Kathy is an orphan who, along with her younger brother, has been passed around to relatives the last few years.  She came to live with her aunt about nine months ago, and has been attending the day home as well as church.  She is a bright, joyful girl and graduated with honors at the top of her class!  Please pray for the Lord to provide a way for Kathy to continue her education.

Shortly after our return, we heard of a village of indigenous Lenca, living about an hour and half away, who are struggling financially.  They are farmers, with corn being their main crop.  They take their corn into the nearest town and sell it all.  Because corn is a staple in most homes,  they then turn around and purchase their own corn at a higher price to feed their families.  As a result, they barely scrape by.  There is a young man, Oscar, who has moved to Canculuncos to serve as their local pastor, but as the village is unable to fully support him, he may have to leave.

This past Monday, we had the opportunity to visit Canculuncos.  We were immediately surrounded by talkative, smiling children who took our hands, and proceeded to take us on a tour, introducing people, pointing out important buildings, various plants and animals, and even showing us where two men were murdered.  As we walked along, they shared Bible verses and songs they have been learning in Sunday School, as well as some of their favorite foods – squirrel soup and roasted iguana!  One of the women brought us a snack, a delicious cooked vegetable somewhat like a sweet pumpkin.  Mark was able to spend a lot of time talking with Pastor Oscar. He does not own any books to help him study the Scriptures, nor does the church have a Sunday School curriculum.

Thank you for your continued support of our family which allows us the privilege of serving the Lord here in Honduras. Please pray for the people of Canculuncos and for the Lord’s direction in how we can minister to them.

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