I know that we just posted something yesterday, but we couldn’t help but let you know about this exciting news.

About a month ago I was standing outside our church talking with a group of people. Our church was going on a picnic and we were waiting for everyone to arrive. While we were waiting a young man approached us, pushing his brother in a wheelchair. The man started to speak with me in English. I had the privilege of speaking with Carlos for about 45 minutes.  Carlos is a rough looking fellow. He has tattoos all over his arms, along with many scars on his face and arms from fighting. I found out that he learned English in the United States, where he lived for 6 years. He has been in and out of prison twice. His brother in the wheelchair was born handicap, which makes him unable to speak or walk. Carlos also had his 11 year old son with him.

I told Carlos about the gospel – how we are all born sinners and separated from God. I explained that Christ came to take the wrath of God in his place and that He died on the cross for his sins. I gave him a gospel pamphlet in Spanish and invited him to come to church the following Sunday.  

As were were pulling out of the MEDA road the next Sunday and heading to Church I could see Carlos, his brother (Jose) and his son (Jonathan) walking down the road. I waited for them to catch up with us and gave them a ride to church. After church I spoke with Carlos and told him about Christ again. He listened and had several questions. He also invited me and Pastor Melvin to his home that week. 

Pastor Melvin and I visited Carlos’ home and again had the opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Christ to him. I explained to him from the Bible how no one can earn God’s favor. That he could not do enough good things to make God happy with him or earn God’s forgiveness. I also talked with him about the law of God and showed him in Scripture that the law does not save us. Rather, the law only condemns us, it shows us that we are sinners and cannot keep the law of God. Therefore, we all stand guilty before God, we have all broken His law and deserve His judgment. I then explained how Christ took the judgement that we deserve upon Himself and that we need to place our faith/trust in Christ alone for our salvation. Carlos expressed his appreciation for our visit and talking with him about Christ.

Carlos was again at church the following Sunday and this past Sunday. After church yesterday I asked Carlos if he had been thinking about what I had explained to him. He replied that he had and that he wanted to place his faith in Christ. I asked him questions to see if he understood what that meant and afterward he prayed and confessed his sin and his need for Christ to save him. 

Please pray for Carlos that he would mature in Christ and the knowledge of the Word of God. Also, pray for his brother, Jose, and son, Jonathan.