Thursday morning at 2:20 A.M., we awoke with the feeling something was not quite right, then realized the walls and our bed were shaking!  As most of you have probably already heard, we experienced a 7.3 earthquake off the coast of Honduras.  There have been a few more since then, along with aftershocks, but praise the Lord our family is safe.    A few pieces of pottery were the only casualties in our home.  Please remember to pray for those who were injured or lost loved ones and homes.

In March, we returned to Florida for our first furlough.  We enjoyed our time visiting with friends and family.  We also had a wonderful time of fellowship with the believers at Grace Bible Church of Tampa, Grace Bible Church of Brandon, and Clarkson Community Church.  We thank everyone for their gracious hospitality and love shown to our family.

Although our time in the U.S. was full of activity and precious memories, we were ready at the end of the month to head home to Honduras and settle back into a normal routine.  Arriving back in Honduras, however, found us on-the-go once more, but this time in the daily aspects of our ministry and life here.  It is such a blessing to be back among those we love to serve.

We arrived home at the end of the dry, smoky season here in Honduras.  The river nearby was dry and we were thankful for the well here at MEDA that supplies us with the clean, fresh water we need.  It is easy to take for granted that water will come out of the tap, but we were reminded of how precious that water really is.  As the rainy season has now begun, we find ourselves amazed at how thankful we are for mud!!!

We returned right just in time to celebrate Semana Santa, or Holy Week.  Parades, parties, and picnics mark the remembrance of our Lord’s Resurrection.  Our church had several activities planned, including daily 5am prayer meetings, an exciting church picnic, a Lord’s Supper service, a movie night, and a sunrise service and breakfast.  This allowed us more opportunities to get to know people, either by praying with them side by side or competing against them in some rowdy picnic games!

We have had several exciting conferences in the last few months, including one on Revelation taught by our friend from our church in Florida, Ken Fuller.  Ken was accompanied by another friend from church, Rhich Nelson, and we enjoyed a continuation of our fellowship with dear friends.  We also enjoyed the annual Women’s Conference taught this year by Ester Pidal from California, and a conference on Creation taught by Henry Morris.  His wife, Jan, accompanied him, and Mark and the boys enjoyed hosting them for breakfast each morning while Christy returned to Florida for the Home School Convention.

Christy arrived refreshed and renewed after her visit to Florida for the Home School convention in May.  She continues to teach a children’s class at church and helping with the Emanuel Children’s Day Home.   We are pleased the Lord has provided enough money to continue until at least the middle of October.  It is always a blessing to visit the day home, see the happy faces, and receive their loving hugs!  Christy is also getting to know the mothers of these children, and is excited to see some begin to attend church.  Recently, the mothers took time off work to attend a Mother’s Day Party in their honor.  It was a blessing to see these hard-working moms enjoying precious time with their little ones.  Dinner was served and our pastor’s wife, Alejandra, taught a lesson from God’s Word.  Please pray for the funds needed to continue this ministry, and for the salvation of the children and their mothers.

The boys are trudging forward with school (no summer break for us, which allows us to remain flexible in our ministry).  One of the benefits of our life here is the wide variant of learning available to the boys.  Not only do they learn vital life skills as they work alongside Mark, such as plumbing, carpentry, auto mechanics and welding, but they have the opportunity to meet, serve, and interact with godly men and women from all over the world, as well as benefit from the teaching of prominent authors/speakers.   Their newest duty is the training and care of a 7-week-old German Shepherd puppy named Maya.  She will be our newest guard dog here at MEDA, and she is keeping them on their toes.  As long as they can keep her away from the transmission fluid, I think she’ll do just fine…

Mark has been working hard as always on projects around MEDA, including laying irrigation pipes, construction projects, and keeping up with repairs.  Besides preaching opportunities at church, he also recently was able to speak in the chapel seminary, and is beginning an evangelism ministry within our local church.  We are excited about ministering in the village of San Marcos.  Currently, there is no local pastor living there.  Please pray for His Word to go forth and for wisdom as we make plans to serve the people in this remote mountain village.

Bunk Bed

The boys and I are making a bunkbed for a family in town

Levi Sanding Wood

Levi sanding wood for the bunkbed

Josiah Sanding Gate

Josiah refinishing metal gates

Caleb Using the Router

Caleb routing the wood for the bunkbed

Maya - puppy in training

Maya - puppy in training