In a few days we will be celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary of our arrival in Honduras. This year has quickly swept by without a dull moment!  Although our hearts yearn for our family and friends back in the States, the Lord has blessed us with many new friendships here and we truly feel Siguatepeque, Honduras is home.

The last two months have been packed with many opportunities to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and teach the precious word of God.  A group from our local church started working in San Marcos this month.  San Marcos is a remote village located about three hours from MEDA. Our church plans on ministring in this village on a regular basis. Currently, San Marcos has a church building and a man who preaches there every Sunday, but they still do not have a pastor who lives in the community. During this trip we visited people in their homes and proclaimed the gospel to them. We broke up into 3 different groups, heading to different parts of the area. Our family was split between the three groups.  Christy, Caleb, and the two younger boys headed down into a valley about 20 minutes away.  She brought along her Spanish children’s story Bible, crayons, and coloring sheets, which came in handy as she was able to visit with children and share the story of creation with them.   Josiah and I were part of the team that walked down the side of a mountain on a 10” path through the trees and brush. The houses were scattered apart, which made for good exercise. I spoke with a 54-year-old lady who had never before heard of Jesus Christ, and therefore knew nothing of Jesus coming to earth or Him dying on the cross. We started at the very begining and talked about God being the Creator and how sin came into the world. Then we went on to talk about the promise of Christ’s coming, His birth, death. and resurrection.  We ended the day by attending a special service.  Please pray as we continue to visit the people in this village and proclaim the wonderful message of Christ to them. Also, pray that we will be able to establish good relationships with the people.

Another highlight of this month was the arrival of a group from our home church in Florida, Grace Bible Church of Brandon, along with another church, Grace Bible Church of Tampa and the Diez Family. The team of 18 people came to perform various work projects at MEDA. This is the very first time a group has come to minister directely to MEDA. It was a great week of hard work and good fellowship. The team was able to get a lot done in such a short amount of time. Some of the items they worked on were: painting the water tower and the office, gardening, constructing 10 bunk beds for the dorms, painting playground equipment, and many other things. They were also able to take a few hours off work and visit the kids at Emanuel Day Home at our church.  I don’t know who had a better time playing, the kids or the adults!  They also left some surprise packages of clothes, shoes, et cet for each child.  The children still light up with excitement when they show me something that was in “their bag”. We look forward to more teams coming down in the future.

This month Mark was asked to speak to a gathering of pastors to celebrate the Day of the Pastor. We met at a local swimming pool for a day of rest and relaxation.. Mark was able to preach, while Christy taught a children’s class. We were thankful for another opportunity to serve Christ and teach His Word.

One exciting recent event for us was the obtaining of our driver’s licenses! We are thankful to the Lord for this provision, as we have been told this was not possible without completing the residency process.  As you know, our residency has been ongoing since we arrived.  Please continue to pray for us to obtain resident status. 

We arrived home, however, to minor destruction here at MEDA.  A small tornado had swept through, uprooting eleven trees, damaging two walls, and the power line was laying in the road. The next day we started the clean up process.  

We are grateful to the Lord for His continual provision for our family and His faithfulness in supplying our needs. It is such a privilege for our family to be able to serve the risen King and to be able to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ here in Honduras. Please continue to pray for our family and ministry that we would be able to have more opportunities to proclaim the Christ to those who remain in darkness.