Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We hope your family is doing well and growing in the knowledge of the Lord. January was a great month and we were able to expand some of our ministry opportunities.

MEDA Ministry

In January Mark started reading the Bible in Spanish each morning with the workers at MEDA. Even though he can’t speak fluently, he thought it would be a good ministry opportunity to read with the men each morning. This would help his Spanish and also help the men in their knowledge of the Word of God. They are reading through the Gospel of John. It was a great surprise two Sundays ago when one of the workers came to church. He hasn’t been to church since we have been here. We are not sure if it’s a result of hearing the Bible everyday, but we pray that the Lord is working in his life.

This week MEDA begins another year of seminary classes. Please be praying for the professors to teach the Word of God accurately and clearly. Also, pray for the students that they will be diligent in studying and the Lord will help them understand His Word better.

Church Ministry

Our church recently built a kitchen to be used in a new daycare ministry and for church functions.  Mark built some shelves for the kitchen and is now in the process of starting to build a table. Mark, Josiah, and Caleb have also helped with a painting project at church. Christy has been responsible for purchasing the food for the daycare. This is a vital ministry for the women in the area, many of whom are single mothers, who need a safe place for their children.  It also provides two healthy meals and basic hygiene for the children.  She goes to the grocery store once a week and also makes a trip the daycare each week to check supplies and speak with the helpers. We purchased a Bible story flannel graph set which we hope to use in Sunday school soon. We want to help teach the children, and we feel having the flannel graph will help the kids stay focused and better understand the Bible lesson. We have been busy cutting out all the people, animals, trees, and scenery.

Our First Visitor

In January we had our first visitor from Florida. Ken Fuller, who is a good friend from our church in Florida is also on the board of directors of MEDA. He was in Honduras for business for 3 days. It was great seeing him and hearing about our friends back home. 

New Links on our Blog

Check out the new links on our blog

  • Noah’s Website – our son Noah built his own website. Not only will you learn about what it’s like for him to live here, but you will also find some of his favorite recipes.
  • Sermons by Tony Bartolucci. Tony is a the pastor of Clarkson Community Church and is a great brother in the Lord. Our family attends his church when we are in New York and are blessed by their worship of the Lord and fellowship. 
  • Sermons by Steve Kreloff. Steve is one of our old pastors from when our family lived in Clearwater, Florida. Steve is a great expositor of the Scripture.

We are greatful for those who continue to pray for us and provide financial support each month. If you would like to start contributing to our ministry here in Honduras you can print the Support Form and submit it to CMI.  

Mark and the boys working

Boys Working

Isaiah learning to ride without training wheels

Isaiah learning to ride his bike

Noah building a bed for our dog

Noah making a bed for our dog

The children at the daycare

Daycare Children

Elijah and his friends at MEDA