Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A lot has been happening in our family and at MEDA since we last updated our blog.  

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in Honduras. As you probably know, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Honduras, therefore work went on as normal. Mark did take most of the day off to spend with the family. The boys had bb gun and bow and arrow contests with the other MEDA kids. We had a Thanksgiving meal at our house with the Montoya’s, Nunez’ and Nery and Chino. Instead of the traditional turkey meal we had chicken. It was a great time of fellowship and remembering how the Lord has blessed us. Thanksgiving day we were surprised by a call from the post office. They said we had a package to pick up. It was a box of Christmas presents from Grace Bible Church in Tampa. There were presents for everyone in our family and lots and lots of cards. Every person in the church wrote individual letters to us. It was a great surprise and big encouragement to our family!  

We indeed have much to be thankful for this year. First of all, we are thankful to the Lord for bringing our family to Honduras to serve Him at MEDA and in the local church. It’s amazing to see His provision for our family over the last few months. We are also thankful for the new roof on our house. A Christian man who lives in San Pedro Sula offered to pay for half the cost to put a new roof on the duplex. The roof is now complete and it’s nice to have a water proof home. We are also thankful for the progress we made in the last few months learning Spanish. It’s fun for the whole family to learn to speak a new language and share what we are learning with each other. 

Our family is also working on building good relationships with the workers and their families here at MEDA. We had all the MEDA workers and Mark’s Spanish tutor over our house for lunch the other day. It was a good time to get to know everyone better and strengthen our relationship with them. Please pray that the Lord would use our family in the lives of the people He is allowing us to work with. Please pray for their salvation and growth in Christ. Once Mark officially takes over his role at MEDA, he hopes to start reading the Bible with the workers during the week. Once he gets the language down well enough we hope to have Bible studies with them also. 

We are attending a small church in the village here in Siguatepeque. Mark has had the opportunity to preach a few times this past month. He preached at the Montoya’s church and preached in the morning and evening service at our church this past Sunday. We are thankful for these opportunities to teach God’s word. He is looking forward to being able to preach in Spanish one day. We are also currently running the church bus ministry. Most of the families that attend our church don’t have a vehicle, so we are able to bring those that live close to us. We typically have 15 people in our 8 passenger Ford Excursion. We are thankful to have such a large vehicle to transport people.  

MEDA has completed another year of conferences and seminary classes. We ended the year by having Steve Fernendez do a conference on the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. It was a great conference and well attended. Please pray for the 2008 conferences and for the men attending the seminary. Mark has completed a project list and maintenance schedule for 2008 at MEDA. Let’s just say the men will be busy this coming year.  

We are now fast approaching Christmas and remember Christ coming to die for wicked people such as ourselves. How humbling that God Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of the world would humble Himself and take on human flesh. But not only that, but He also willingly went to the cross to receive the judgment that we all so much deserve. I hope you are focusing on Him this Christmas season and not on the gifts and other things that have taken over.  

One thing that I have been thinking about the past few days is how much we have in America. Families here only have a few things at Christmas and most families don’t even have a tree, because they can’t afford one. Children usually only get an outfit for a gift. One girl told us the other day that she wanted new shoes for Christmas. I’m embarrassed at how much money we have wasted over the years at Christmas time. May God help me to be a better steward of His money.


Enjoying a great Thanksgiving meal with friends.

Isaiah Shotting a Gun

Isaiah – now that’s style. He can’t shoot good yet, but he sure does look good trying.

Boys Working

Boy’s working – hauling away old roof tiles.

Our Church

Our Church.

Boys Studying Spanish

Boys learning Spanish.

Our Dog - Homeschooling

Homeschooling – you can never start them too early.

New Roof

Our new roof!

Water Tower

Roman, Mark, Josiah and Caleb getting ready to clean the inside of the water tank.

Making our own wrapping paper

Making wrapping paper for Christmas.