As of today we have been in Honduras for 7 weeks! We are thankful to the Lord for His continued provision in our lives and His daily grace. We are also thankful to be able to serve alongside two other missionary families (Montoyas and Donatos). Our families work well together and the kids seem like they have been friends for years. 

As most of you already know, Mark, Josiah and Carlos Nunez went to the port on October 10th to clear our container. The process took longer than expected and we were at the port for 3 days. The process to clear our container was a good time to trust the Lord and rely upon Him to provide what was needed. We arrived home Friday night at 11pm with our container and had to unload it while the driver waited. The Montoyas, the youth from their church, and some MEDA staff were here to help. The container was too high to fit through the front gate so we had to unload the crates on the back of a pickup truck and haul it them to our house. We didn’t have the privilege of power equipment so it meant a lot of man power to get the job done. We finished unloading everything at 3am Saturday morning. Two minutes after I closed our front door the sky opened up and it poured. I was thankful to the Lord for holding the rain off until we were finished. I was very encouraged by the youth group that helped out. I didn’t know these young men before and they gave up their time and sleep to come and serve the Lord by lifting heavy boxes to help us. They were extremely hard workers and served with great joy! 

We are thankful to those who provided the necessary funds to help with the cost to clear our container. May the Lord bless you for your sacrifice on our behalf. 

Since our container arrived we have been working non-stop trying to get everything situated in the house and the tool shed. Mark and Roman spent many days cleaning out the tool shed and getting our tools organized. The other day we unpacked our last crate in the house. There is still more organizing to do, and we are eager to complete the job.  Thankfully, we are house sitting for the Donato family while they are home on furlough, so we have a clean, uncluttered house to escape to each night! 

The Patterson School is now back in session! The boys started home schooling two weeks ago. This week Josiah, Caleb, and Noah will also begin their Spanish classes. They will be working with a tutor a few hours each week.  Mark is continuing his classes four times a week, and Christy will be finishing up with her tutor next week.  This does not mean she is fluent yet, however!  Her tutor is moving away, and as she is now schooling the boys, she will continue to work on her Spanish on her own time. 

Yesterday we went to Tegucigalpa to register our vehicle and get driver’s licenses; however, due to unavoidable delays, we were only able to complete the first part of registering our vehicle and will need to return in 15 days to finish the registration and attempt once more to obtain driver’s licenses. Driving on the roads outside Siguatepeque is very dangerous as people tend to pass frequently, and there where many “close calls” yesterday. The roads are very windy and people will readily pass on a curve. Please pray for our safety as we travel on the roads in Honduras.  

We are all acclimating quite well to our new life here.  We have discovered, however, that many simple tasks that we tend to take for granted in the United States, can prove to be a bit more tedious or complicated here.  For instance, during a recent trip to the bank, there was a problem with a check we wanted to deposit because two different colors of ink were used.  Also, although they have computers, everything is recorded by hand in log books, and as we were depositing American money, each bill was checked for tears or marks (not usable here) and the number printed on each bill recorded.  We have learned to allow for extra time when we run errands around town and bring lots of patience along! 

The last conference for the year starts this Thursday and will run through Saturday morning. Steve Fernandez from the USA will be teaching on the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the conference will be well attended and that the people will grow in their knowledge of Christ and love for Him. 

Also, please remember to pray for the wife of one of the pastors here, Alejandra.  She is pregnant with her fourth child and is suffering from much pain.  She has too much spinal fluid, causing intense pressure and pain in her head.  As she is pregnant, she can not take her normal medication.  She endured a spinal tap this week and is enduring more pain as a result.   

Lastly, please pray for Mark as he will be preaching at church this Sunday night. We are thankful for the opportunity for him to minister the Word of God.

We appreciate your partnership in the gospel and your continued prayers for our family. 

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Can you see why we need a new roof?