The past few day have been filled with a lot of activity in our house and at MEDA.  

Henry Tolopilo was at MEDA teaching a conference on Biblical leadership. It was great to see people from all over come to hear the Word of God taught. There were 200 in attendance, including two bus loads from Nicaragua. Our facility is not equipped to handle this many people so some had to stay in a nearby hotel. One of the highlights was seeing a pastor that Mark met on a trip to Honduras in April. He lives about an hour from MEDA up in the mountains. When we met him in April, he stated he had not had any Bible training and the only book he had was a dictionary. We were able to provide him with a Spanish MacArthur Study Bible, and a church from Florida offered to pay for him to attend one year of conferences. During one of the breaks in the conference, Mark was able to talk with him and found out that he has attended four MEDA conferences since April and is using the things he is learning in his preaching at church. It was such a delight to hear how he is learning the Scripture and maturing in ministry. 

On Wednesday, Mark and Carlos Nunez will be going to the port to open our container. We hope everything will be processed on the same day and that we can get our things by Thursday. Please pray that no other problems occur while processing the container and for the safety of the men while we unload it at MEDA.  

We continue to learn more Spanish each day. Our tutors have been very helpful in teaching us the language. Mark is meeting with the tutor four days a week and Christy is meeting three days a week. Please continue to pray that we will learn the language quickly so that we can be more effective in ministry.  

We appreciate the emails, phone calls, and cards we have received over the last few weeks. It’s great to hear from our family and friends back in the States.