Praise the Lord that we are now in Honduras.  We left the Orlando airport yesterday at 8:30am. Our friends, the Jaebs and Yates took us to the airport to see us off. It was a sad good bye, filled with many tears and hugs.  

Orlando Airport

Orlando Airport 2

Orlando Airport 3

We had a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia, and had no problems in the airport and took off right on time. We arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras around 12:25pm (2:25pm ET). As we landed, Elijah started clapping and saying “Yay!  We are in Honduras!” The whole plane started clapping with him. Again the Lord was gracious and we didn’t have problems getting through customs or obtaining our luggage. We then headed up the mountains to Siguatepeque and arrived at MEDA around 4:00pm. 

Airplane 1

Airplane 2

Airplane 3

Airplane 4

San Pedro Sula Airport 


The other missionary families, along with the seminary students were all outside waiting for us and gave us a warm greeting. It started raining as we were pulling into the MEDA property. All the students helped unload our luggage and placed it in our house. It ended up being one of the biggest rain storms they had in the last few months. Elijah was running around our house joyfully telling everyone, “It’s raining in our house!” Needless to say the roof will be the first priority in getting repaired. The Montoya family is living on the other side of the duplex and has the same problems. Within 15 minutes of arriving at MEDA the boys were playing soccer in the garage with their new friends. 

MEDA Water

Pastor Melvin and his family brought us a fruit basket to welcome us to Honduras. Pastor Melvin has been to our church in Florida a few times. One of the missionary families here at MEDA, the Donatos, had an amazing Honduran feast at their home last night to welcome us. The boys enjoyed their first taste of Honduran cuisine. 

Fruit Basket

Donato Dinner

Our shipping container should arrive on September 28th; please pray for a safe arrival of our belongings.  We made our first trip into town alone today to pick up groceries and other items.  It was a great opportunity to practice our Spanish!  We were pleasantly surprised at the variety of food available and found almost everything on our list.  American brands are much more expensive, however, so we will be getting used to the local brands. 

We will spend the next few days settling in and getting our house and the MEDA storage shed ready for our belongings.  On Monday, we will jump right in with our Spanish studies.  Christy and I each have our own tutor.  The boys have already picked up quite a bit just playing with their friends. 

Our family is extremely thankful to everyone who has made it possible for us to be here. Many of you have helped us in tremendous ways – may the Lord bless you for your service to Him.