Since we returned from our trip to New York and North Carolina we have been moving at full speed. We had Vacation Bible School at our church last week and this week we are getting ready for our last garage sale before we move. In the midst of all this we have been finalizing our requirements for visas.  

Vacation Bible School went well at church and the word of God was clearly taught to the children. We pray that Christ would indeed be treasured by the kids and that the seed that was sown would be firmly planted in their hearts and lives. We are thankful to the Lord for the children that attended and that our family was able to serve in a small way.  

This past Sunday we visited Grace Bible Church of Tampa, where Mark was asked to preach. It was a great time of fellowship with the believers there and we are thankful to the Lord for His work in that new church.  

This Saturday will be our final yard sale at church to help raise money for our traveling and shipping expenses to Honduras. We have been clearing out all our belongings that we are not taking with us, and people have been donating things to sell. Please pray for good weather on Saturday, as we are in our rainy season.  

We praise the Lord that this week we completed the last document we need to obtain our visas. Next Tuesday we will be taking a trip to Miami to meet with the Honduran Consulate to file our paperwork. Please pray for a good trip and that all will go well. We are thankful to the Lord for getting us to this point; our family is getting more excited as we see things moving along and the departure is getting closer. 

The other day as we were going through our boxes, we found our wedding video. It was fun watching part of it and remembering that special day in our lives. While watching the pastor’s sermon, I wondered about the man who married us, Pastor Mark Lauterbach. I wondered where he was and what he was doing now. One nice thing about living in a time like this is that you can get on your computer and run a search on people. I was very happy to find that he is still a faithful servant of Christ and serving in a church in California. I found he also has a blog where he discusses the Bible.  After reading several of his posts I found one post very helpful and thought provoking. The title of the post is The Gospel Must be Everything; here is part of the article: “The Gospel is about God and what he has done in order that we will be saved from wrath. It is not about our sense of purpose in life or our sense of meaning. It is not about our psychological problems – our “issues” as we say. It is about something far deeper – it is called sin. It is not about our needs – it is about our standing before the God who is the Creator and Judge of all. It is not a therapy, it is a blood sacrifice. It is not moral advice for the well meaning, it is resurrection of the dead.” 

“The Gospel is stunning because our sin was great. Our sin is great because it is against a glorious God. It did not take the death of the Son of God to give us good feelings or purpose in life. The issue was sin, and the everlasting ruin that lay before us in judgment of sin. If God wanted to make us feel better about ourselves he would not have wasted his Son’s life for that. But sin is such a great evil that it required such a One to be our Savior.”   

I know that some people reading this blog don’t know Christ and have not understood your sin in the presence of a Holy God; I pray that you would see your sin against Him and understand that Jesus bore the wrath and punishment that you deserve. The only way to escape eternal wrath is to embrace Christ as your Savior and find safety in Him. Do you treasure Him today or are you treasuring your sin and the things of this world?