Greetings in the great name of our Lord Jesus Christ! What an awesome privilege to be able to know and serve the King of Heaven.  We are looking forward to moving to Honduras soon and being able to proclaim Christ and teach His Word. 

Once we received the invitation to join MEDA in Honduras, we began the busy task of preparation. As you can imagine there is lot to do to move a family to another country. We are thankful to the Lord that we were able to purchase a vehicle to take with us to Honduras. Based on Honduran law a vehicle cannot be shipped into the country if it is 7 years or older; our Yukon was 1 year too old. After much prayer and searching, we found a 2005 Ford Excursion in Texas that was $4,000 cheaper than the ones in Florida. Mark and Caleb flew to Texas and drove it back home last week.

Ford Excursion

We have also been busy packing our belongings. We will be packing most of our things in wooden crates that will be put in a shipping container, along with our vehicle. We are thankful that some of our friends at church (Ron Wikert, Kendall Yates, and David Puebla) cut all the wood for us. Josiah, Caleb, Noah, and Levi have been busy helping Mark pack the crates, while Christy plays the part of record keeper. Every item in each crate needs to be accounted for, so Christy is inputting on an excel spreadsheet all the items that are placed in each crate.


Boys Moving Wood for Crates

Boys Sealing a Crate

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we have also been busy with shopping for appliances, tools, searching for health insurance, getting paperwork ready to apply for residency in Honduras, etc.  

We are thankful to everyone who continues to faithfully support our family each month and for praying for us as we make the transition. May our God bless you for your partnership in this ministry for His Kingdom!