As you know, our family has been praying about moving to Siguatepeque, Honduras as full-time missionaries at MEDA (Ministerios Evangélicos De las Américas), a ministry in Honduras that is committed to training men. They hold Biblical conferences throughout the year and also run a seminary. The ministry has been very effective in training men throughout Central American in the study of God’s Word. As you know, Christy and I were able to visit MEDA in January. We were able to meet the other missionaries and learn about the ministry. I also returned in April with other men from our church. Both trips were very profitable and I was able to learn about their needs and how our family can minister in Honduras.  

We have received an official invitation from MEDA to join their ministry as the Facility Manager. The training that I received at The Master’s Mission will be very valuable in taking care of the facilities and grounds. I will be overseeing the current Honduran men, working with them and training them in various processes. We will also be involved in serving in a local church. In the future we hope to also be involved in some of the remote villages that currently do not have a church. 

Since we will be serving in Honduras, this means we will need to change the mission organization we will be serving under. We will be serving under the same mission board as our fellow missionaries at MEDA, Cornerstone Ministries International. We are thankful to The Master’s Mission for the valuable training we received from them. For those of you who have supported us financially, we will be contacting you when this change has been completed.  Until then, you can continue sending your contributions to The Master’s Mission.  

There are many factors involved in the timing of moving, but as for now we are tentatively shooting for August.  Please pray for our family as we make preparations for our move to Honduras.