Greetings in the great name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I had the great privilege of going on a mission trip to Honduras from April 9th through the 16th.  During the trip we were able to join up with a church in Honduras to preach the gospel in several schools and homes. 

Each day we went to a different village and were able to go into the schools to tell the children about Christ.  The teachers would cancel classes and gather the children together to listen to us.  I still can’t believe that they were so open to the gospel coming into the schools and even asked us to come back. We were able to preach the gospel to well over 1,200 children. We are not sure how many received the Lord, but we do know that they all heard the gospel and pray that Christ was glorified in the preaching of His Word.

After we spoke in the schools we were able to walk around the villages and visit people in their homes.  The Lord provided some amazing opportunities to talk to Christians and non-Christians. One in particular was when a local pastor took us to a Christian lady’s house to pray for her and encourage her as her husband had recently left her for another woman. We prayed for her and her husband, and as we were leaving her property, we met her husband walking down the road. After agreeing to speak with us, we sat back down and had the opportunity to open up God’s Word to him for about 45 minutes.  It’s always great to see the Lord answer prayer – while were we praying for the man, the Lord was in the process of granting our request by orchestrating it so the man was on his way to meet us.  To read more about our trip check out a blog my friend from Jacksonville put together while in Honduras

As you know our family is praying about joining a ministry (MEDA) in Honduras that equips men in the study of God’s Word. They hold conferences throughout the year and are in their 3rd year of seminary classes. They are making a huge impact in Central America training pastors and men who aspire to teach God’s word faithfully. We were able to have several meetings with the staff at MEDA to discuss joining the ministry. They were very encouraging, and we would appreciate you continuing to pray for God’s direction. A conference call is being planed in the next few weeks for the leaders in our church and the board of MEDA to further discuss this opportunity for our family.

Be sure to see the Pictures tab to view photos taken during my trip.