We hope you all are preparing your hearts and minds to remember the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  How amazing it is that the Lord was pleased to send Jesus to bear our sins on the cross and experience the wrath and judgment of God in our place. As the Scriptures say He didn’t remain in the grave, but God raised Him up on the third day and He is now seated at the Father’s right hand. Our Savior and Lord is a risen and living King.  

In January we announced that our family would not be serving in Kenya as we had been preparing over the last few years. It was a hard decision to make but we feel it was the right decision in many respects. We have since been seeking the Lord’s direction on where He would have us serve Him full-time. A few months ago Christy and I took a five day trip to Honduras with a friend from church to visit a ministry that currently runs a conference center and seminary for pastors in Central America.  We were able to visit the missionaries and also serve with the local church in helping with Vacation Bible Schools in remote villages. I was also given the opportunity to preach in two churches on Sunday. It was a wonderful time meeting believers in another part of the world and seeing how Christ is building His church around the world. You can see pictures of our trip on picture tab.

Upon our return we spoke with our elders about the opportunity to serve in Honduras. They were in favor of us contacting the ministry in Honduras (MEDA) and discussing our suitability to join the ministry there. We were pleased with the information MEDA provided for us and feel this is a great match for our family and church. I, along with other members from our church, are going to Honduras next week as part of an evangelism team focusing on remote villages, some of which do not currently have a church. I will also be meeting with the men at MEDA to further discuss the possibility of our family joining the ministry. Please be praying for the evangelism team and for those we will be proclaiming the gospel to. Please also pray about my meetings with MEDA and our future ministry. We desire to please the Lord in all things and are looking forward to having our feet planted and being engaged in full-time ministry.